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Hello, here Gini (Regina 68) & Uwi (Uwe 65) introduce themselves:

We've been together for twenty-one years. Reason - Neurofibromatosis. This resulted in a love affair with each other and thus a distraction from the tumor disease.

Gini first received information in the 1970s that she and her twin sister Lisa were affected by NF1. Gini has four children, with daughter Nadine also having the disease.

Gini worked until 2013 and is now enjoying her well-deserved pension. She is being treated at various clinics in Austria and is doing well.

Uwi’s NF2 was diagnosed on December 16, 1996 and was then sent into early retirement. Many operations took a toll on him. In addition to the deafness, there was also paralysis. Uwi has a daughter and 7 siblings. Luckily no one has further signs of neurofibromatosis type 2.

Uwi comes from East Germany and lived in the Jena and Apolda districts. Worked as a bricklayer.

How did Gini and Uwi meet? After all, there was a distance of 341 mi (550 km) between the two. Through the good Internet via NF chat. Uwi was in NF2 rehab Southern Germany and was only 62 mi (100 km) away from her and so Gini visited her chat friend. In love, engaged and married in 2021 during the pandemic, they have both lived together in Bregenz Austria since 2004. Conversation is done by signs and Voice recognition.

We're doing really well today. Those who suffer from our illnesses receive praise from God and are noticed and treated by doctors. Uwi also gets information about his latest findings from the Germans enter Erfurt.

There are contacts with many NF friends. In Bregenz we have an NF self-help group and meeting takes place. There are also rare NF2 sufferers in Germany See again.

Of course we also have hobbies:
Hiking on straight routes.
There are two aquariums in our living room.
Gini likes to make muffin and Uwi websites by hand.
We like to watch good films and series with subtitles.
Uwi is a fan of FC Carl Zeiss Jena and follows games in the live stream.

There is a vacation once a year. We are drawn to Uwi's sister's farm. Visit his family and explore Thuringia.

Thank you for reading our lines.
Gini and Uwi wish you all the best

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